Welcome to Buckingham Snooker Club


Buckingham Snooker Club is partnered with the Slade Recreation Club, home to the Slade Indoor Bowls Club. Our match room includes 4 full size snooker tables and a range of cues and accessories as expected. The cost of the lights is currently at £5 per hour with each £1 giving 12 minutes of table lighting. All tables are available for play including the match table.

Buckingham Snooker Club was established in 1887 making it one of the oldest clubs in the UK. Back then, we just had one three quarter sized table and over the years have moved premises to allow for an ever growing membership and the addition of more full sized tables. The club holds regular Competitions aimed at all player levels and, in some cases, using handicap systems to keep things fair. The aim of the club is to promote the game of snooker and billiards ensuring the members enjoy the game. Joining is easy.

In 2017/18 season we spent a lot of money investing in the club and made a number of improvements for our members benefit, which included the following

1) New coin meters bought and repositioned on the left wall alongside each table which, gives a better and quicker service to the players instead of walking to the end of the club.
2) Removal of a very old fan heater, replacing with 4 New electric fan heaters
3) New LED light bulbs which provide a lower cost longer lasting table light
4) A lick of paint to the club walls
5) New ceiling tiles and spot lights, replacing the flourscent long bulbs we had before.
6) A selection of asscerories for each table inlcuding extendable rests and new cues
7) Lit scoreboard which comes on when you put your first pound in, and remains on when the meter runs out to provide some emergency lighting (in case the main ceiling lights has been turned off)